Who wants to settle for the house red...

Chris and I have always enjoyed having a nice glass of wine. And, our journey started a few years ago.

In the last 3 years, we've moved cross country twice and now have an 18 month old baby that we love, but can sometimes run us ragged.

One thing that always remained constant is our love of wine & travel. We've enjoyed several glasses all over the country. 

We had a delicious unoaked Chardonnay in Amelia Island one New Year's Eve. We've enjoyed wine in Las Vegas, in downtown Pittsburgh, at a romantic dinner by the beach in Ft. Lauderdale, in the Grand Canyon and many more places. But, we don't even know where they were from!

20150118_152336 (1).jpg

Having a baby may have put a wrench in our travel plans, but when we we're presented with an opportunity to embark on a wine journey around the world from the comforts of our own home we just couldn't pass it up.

We've received wines from Spain, Africa, Argentina. Now, if and when we get the chance to enjoy a nice dinner out we are able to know what wines to order instead of having to settle for the house red.

That for us is one of the main reasons we decided to pursue this amazing opportunity.

So, why not get in, get wine and get social?