Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith to catch your dreams

For those of you who don't know, Chris and I live in Central Florida and we recently experienced our first "real" hurricane. I say it like that because we we're in Matthew last year, but it was definitely not as intense of an experience as Hurricane Irma provided us.

I'm sure I can speak for both me and Chris when I say that being in the thick of the storm caused a lot of uncertainty. It was difficult not to get anxious listening to the rain and wind thrashing against the windows wondering what our neighborhood would look like in the aftermath.

Well, lucky for us things turned out perfectly fine, but it got me thinking how grateful I am for all of the opportunities we've decided to take in our life together so far. Being in the midst of a scary storm not knowing how things will turn out can really put life into perspective.


One of the opportunities I'm mostly grateful for is the fact that we embarked on a journey to not only build up our wine stash while drinking wines from around the world, but the best part about this opportunity is that we get to support others in realizing their dreams too!

Whether you are looking to gain some extra cash while working a day job or other business, or simply looking for the chance to try some great wines for free Chris and I want to serve as your mentors while you work your way to whatever your goals are.

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