Do you make pour decisions?


Do you find yourself wasting time staring at all the bottles of wine on the shelf at the store wondering which one is worth buying?

What if you could take the guesswork out of the wine buying process and save time while enjoying top quality wines from all over the world? 

With Direct Cellars you can and we're here to tell you not only about the exclusive benefits you'll receive by joining this amazing monthly wine subscription service, but why you don't have to be a wine expert to enjoy them:

1) Exclusive access to the Wine Whisperer - In case the tasting notes weren't enough you can learn ALL THE THINGS about the wines in your monthly subscription from the Wine Whisperer himself, Jerry Greenfield. There is VALUE in having your wine picked out by an expert exclusively for you. In addition, you receive full access to Wine Whisperer Wednesdays filmed by Jerry himself that offer further education about the wine we get to experience each month. Listen to one of his recent episodes here:

2) Tasting & Pairing Notes- In each box of wine you receive you get a set of tasting & pairing notes to go with the selection of wines you're given. It's like having your own personal sommelier! These notes are written to describe to you the rich history of the artisan vineyard the bottle was birthed from, a clear description of the specific grapes use in producing the bottle, what to expect when drinking it in terms of flavor profiles and more.


3) Bottle Back Guarantee - The bottles are guaranteed! That beats getting your wine at the grocery store because if you don't like what you receive you can return it easily for another bottle free of charge. Try taking an empty bottle back to the store and explaining you didn't like it so you want another bottle for free. In addition, DC picks up all state & local sales taxes and offer a low flat rate shipping cost. 

Ready to sign up and make a "pour" decision? Click here