You Don't Have to Like Wine to Like Money!


Tonight I wanted to address you personally. Yeah you, the person that has mentioned that you either don't like wine, or aren't drinking as much anymore.

I get it. Why would you join a social wine club if you aren't drinking? Doesn't make too much sense does it?

Well, if you're that person who doesn't like wine (and honestly there's NO judgment on our end!) I thought I'd take a moment to educate you on 3 reasons why joining Direct Cellars is more than just about selling wine. It's about an amazing golden egg, money-making opportunity that you don't want to miss out on!

Reason #1: There are 5 different ways to make CHEESE to go with that wine. Fast cash, binary, uni-level, check match and FREE WINE. Check out this video. (go to video #2 on the page)

Reason #2: The mentorship and leadership in the company. I was 1 of 11 people invited to an exclusive Master Cellar program by one of the top leaders in the company. Can you imagine being the one person selected out of 4,000 to be privately mentored and taught winning tips, trick and strategies to making it to the top of the comp plan in less than a month?! With this inside information from these top leaders I will be able to teach you what I know and help you to become successful anyway that I can.

Reason #3: Talk about a ground-floor opportunity to join OUR team! If you could go back in time and become a ground-floor partner with Facebook, Microsoft and Apple, would you?  Our team consists of 4,000 out of 32,000 people organization-wide, yet we serve as 50% of the top earners. By linking arms with us you're joining a winning team from the get-go!

At the end of it all, yes you are going to have to purchase 4 bottles of wine every month, but if that's still a concern for you after seeing all the possibilities this company can provide you then here are a few suggestions on what to do:

  • All you need is to refer & retain 3 customers to get FREE wine.
  • You could have a wine tasting event where people will sample the bottles you receive.
  • Give it away as gifts to friends & family or us! 

Still have questions? Contact us!