The Worst Part About Our Wine Club...


Everyone always asks us about our monthly wine subscription club, and what the quality of the wines is like. Well, the worst part about the club is simply waiting until our next box arrives.

Sure, you can go to the store to buy wine, but we like the excitement of receiving each box directly to our doorstep so we can try wines that are hand-selected from all around the world.

Even worse so, was me receiving our amazing shipment of wines while Chris was away on business and having to wait to open them! 

Truth be told there really are no pitfalls to joining Direct Cellars, especially because who can argue with receiving FREE wine. Am I right?

Last night we had the pleasure of sampling a delicious Chardonnay from Washington state. According to our tasting notes (which we receive in every box to educate us about the wines) this Kara Chardonnay from 2015 has a 14.1% ABV, which Chris really appreciated! It has a clean, refreshing taste of bright apple & sweet citrus fruit which I personally enjoyed. The extra buzz we both received from this wine made it worth our while for sure ;)

Sidenote, we thoroughly enjoyed our edible cookie dough (as seen in photo above and on Shark Tank) with our wine!

We can't wait to try our Red next week. Stay tuned!

WANT FREE WINE? Watch this video!