Our Journey Starts in the Southern Hemisphere


We received our first bottles of wine the other day and we're really excited about the selection. After a long week of work and kids we we're ready to indulge in a nice glass (or three!) of wine. Chris and I started our wine adventure in Argentina with a Malbec straight from Mendoza, which is considered to be the Napa Valley of that region. It was a bold red with a bit of oak aging and subtle notes of vanilla and toast. The wine had a wonderful combination of fruity flavors of black cherry, ripe plum and licorice. Today we're in South Africa and we are enjoying a delicious Red Blend. This wine is a soft, bright red with elements of summer berries, cream and dark spice. Fantastic! We feel blessed to be able to embark on this amazing wine journey around the world from the comforts of our own home because we probably wouldn't be able to do so otherwise.

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