Staring at the wine menu like its the theory of relativity


Last week I talked about how Chris and I discovered another Argentinian Malbec from what's referred to as the "Napa Valley" of Argentina. We we're so excited to feel confident in what wine to purchase at the wine store, especially being out of town because it made the experience much more enjoyable.

Normally when we would go to a restaurant or wine store we would get a Cabernet, a Merlot, or a Sauvignon Blanc; not really having any clue what tastes we liked or that certain regions produced different flavors. Who knew we would prefer a Spanish Red vs. an Italian Red? Or that a Bordeaux Blanc from France would taste slightly crisper than a Sauvignon Blanc from Spain? And, you know what it's been so much being able to learn what we like and what we don't like.

In fact, two wines we recently received from Italy were both kinds we have never tried before. One of them referred to as Inzolia (a type of grape found in Sicily) was one of the wines we got to experience this month. We didn't know what to expect when we first got these bottles, but we weren't disappointed. There was also a Sicilian Red we got alongside the Inzolia, and to be honest we weren't satisfied at first sip, but the fact that our wine palate is expanding so greatly to even know that we don't like such a unique blend that we would never have experienced otherwise is quite amazing!

That's what makes our wine subscription club so exciting. We get to try wines from around the world and truly discover where our tastes lie. Unless you want to stare down the shelves at the wine store, or travel around the world; you won't find a similar experience anywhere else.

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