How to celebrate Fall in a warm climate...

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Welcome to October! 

I know Chris and I are pretty excited about the "fall" season finally approaching even though it's hard to tell any difference in seasons living in Florida. That's why we have to find other ways to incorporate the seasons into our lives, and what better way to do that than through yummy adult beverages :)

Since we receive free wine every month we have extra "fun money" to spend on other things like fall-inspired alcohol woo hoo!

Over the next month we will be sharing our Fall experiences not only in terms of drinking, but other things too.

Tonight, we are starting our autumn-inspired journey with a delicious pumpkin-flavored beer called Pumking. It is creamy and smooth with a slight taste of pumpkin spice. Really good if you ask me! 

What would you do with the extra money if you we're able to receive free wine each month? Tell us in the comments below!