What if you could make money while spending time with your kids?



> Seeing PayPal notifications pop up on your phone while having fun with your family, or after waking up in the morning.

> Being able to connect with more people in your target audience without having to do more work.

> Having a biz that runs without you having to glued to your computer.




You may have heard of Sales Funnels before and wondered WTF is that. Well, to put it simply a Sales Funnel is an automated tool for your potential clients to get to know, like and trust you without you having to get on a discovery call.

Why do you need a Sales Funnel? Well, basically put, a sales funnel has the potential to put your biz on automation meaning that you could bring in potential clients and income without having to do as much work. A sales funnel can create more time for you to do what lights you up in life & biz!

With over 2+ years of experience creating and organizing sales funnels for my VA clients, and implementing some of my very own I am so excited to support you in building yours with this exclusive package.


1. We schedule an hour-long 1:1 call to discuss what you desire your funnel to achieve & create a strategic plan to support your goals.

2. I provide you with the essential tools such as my exclusive Sales Funnel Template to help you create the email content for your funnel.

3. While you create the email content, I help in designing your opt-in/freebie offer.

4. I set you up on my suggested email marketing platform, ConvertKit, and plug your email content into the funnel.

5. I test the funnel making sure all the parts work, and you leave with access to me via FB Messenger for any questions/concerns for 1 month after the funnel is complete.



1. A completed, functional sales funnel that's designed to attract leads and sales on automation.

2. One month of unlimited support via FB Messenger after the sales funnel is complete.

3. Sales Funnel Template to replicate for future funnels you create.

4. My exclusive training Get Comfy with ConvertKit that will teach you step-by-step how to use ConvertKit to keep in touch with your audience and keep your biz automated.

5. Done for you package option included to transfer lists and content from current email marketing provider to ConvertKit.



$897 paid in full or
4 bi-weekly installments of $225

sales funnel template pic 2.png
sales funnel template pic (1).png