Welcome mama to Module Two of Mommy Hack Your Way to Time Freedom! I hope you are enjoying this journey so far.

Module Two is all about FIXING WHAT'S NOT WORKING.

We now are well aware what our core values are and have an idea of the types of things we desire to be doing each day. Knowing this information is key to creating a solid foundation upon which our ideal schedule and mom life are based off of.

But, it's not enough to know this info. We must take what we now know and learn how to fix what's not currently working for us and how to move forward towards incorporating more of what we DO want.

This module will support you in doing just that by uncovering self-sabotaging behaviors and patterns that you may not even recognize. I will also provide actionable baby steps on how to start busting through these patterns.

Here's to making the most of our 24 hours in a day <3





1) Who benefits from each of the commitments you have? Are your current commitments in alignment with your core values? Are you overcommitting yourself?

2) What are your most common “time triggers”?

3) How do these time triggers make you feel?

4) Answer questions in journaling exercise (You can access this exercise in the Part 4 video OR in the journaling exercise audio below)

5) Take out your journal and write down everything you are currently feeling about time. If there are still negative feelings I want you to turn each negative statement into a positive one.

6) Extra credit: Put your mantras into your phone using a reminder app so you be reminded throughout the day of your new feelings about time!

7) Make a list of all the bad memories you can remember about not having enough time. Who did you blame for these situations and how did you feel?

8) Continue creating positive affirmations/mantras about time as you see fit.

9) Set 5-10 minutes aside each day this week to write a list of accomplishments in your journal and “thank” time for being there to support you.

10) Treat yourself to some self-care time. You so deserve it mama!
(Extra credit for emailing me at gabrielle.bogan@gmail.com to let me know what activity you picked!)