Core values are the foundation upon which our lives are based. When we make the choice to live life based on what our core values are we are then able to feel more fulfilled and content with the life we lead.

As moms we are plagued with an unfortunate belief that when we put ourselves first we are selfish, but the more we choose to sacrifice our needs, desires and values for others the more we end up feeling burnt out, exhausted and unfulfilled.

Luckily, we all have the choice to decide HOW we want to live life and if you desire to live in accordance to your core values I would love for you to listen to this complimentary guided meditation, and then complete the worksheet for yourself.

This mini training will allow you to truly get a feel for the type of life you desire deep within, and will provide you with a list of baby steps you can take TODAY to start working towards making your dream life & biz a reality.

Here's to making the most of our 24 hours in a day <3