1) What's one thing that has particularly been a struggle for you as far as balancing baby & biz are concerned?

2) List 3 things you feel like you've been missing out on because you're now a mom and "don't have enough time."

3) How would adding 3 hours to your day change your life?

4) Which step do you believe will be the hardest to implement into your life? And, how will you reward yourself for working through that step?
(P.S. Caring for ourselves is of utmost important during this experience and I am always making sure my clients reward themselves for a job well done!)

5) Do you think you will be able to successfully implement a nap routine for your little one(s)?
If not, go to question 7. If yes, go to question 6 and skip 7.

6) What time(s) of day do you plan on implementing a nap routine for your little one(s)?

7) If you don't think your child will nap what's 1 thing you can do to carve out time to add up to 3 hours in your day?

8) Make a list of ALL THE THINGS you wish you could be doing, but feel you don't have time for.
Then, group these activities into different categories (ex: self-care, business, etc.)

9) What do you believe are your top 3 time wasters?

10) What's one thing that will get in the way of you staying true to your time boundaries?