5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Write Off MLMs So Fast

I want to come clean and tell you about my newest business venture plus share some reasons why I think that direct sales & MLMs are actually something that you should seriously consider (especially if you are already building a business as a mompreneur).

These ideas are all coming out of a place of feeling like oh em gee, what did I get myself into with signing up with a direct sales company.  It’s so not in alignment with me. It’s not in alignment with my spiritual self or the clients that I am trying to service with my work.  Nothing about it felt in alignment!

First though let me tell you that I am now involved with an amazing direct sales company called Direct Cellars.  Basically, we sell wine.  It’s pretty awesome and I love it because God knows at the end of the week of chasing a toddler around the house I need a couple glasses (and I'm guessing you might too mama??)

Anyways, I’m really here today to connect with YOU, my audience, my true audience, and tell you 5 reasons why I think that it's ok to consider joining a direct sales company or an MLM because I think sometimes for us spiritual entrepreneurs and us mompreneurs, get a little put off by MLM's because they have a reputation for being pushy and salesy and literally, but I want to share my story and how I came up with these 5 reasons...

My boyfriend signed us up for Direct Cellars, and he really believes in this opportunity, and he’s believed in it for a long time.  And it’s not that I didn’t believe in it, I just wasn’t quite there, I just didn’t see the connection, it didn’t make sense to me.  I’m like why would I do this when I’m trying to build my time management mentoring business for mompreneurs.  That’s where my heart is, you know?  That’s where my passion is.  That’s where I can serve and come from a place of service and feel really really good about the solutions that I’m providing for mompreneurs, and I just didn’t see how this opportunity aligned with all of that.

But in doing some soul-searching and doing a little bit of reframing I was able to see things differently. I believe greatly in the universe’s power and I am currently reading Gabby Bernstein’s book “The Universe Has Your Back” She opened my eyes because she made me realize a lot of the times what we’re asking for is going to come into our lives packaged as something completely different and when we close our self off from that opportunity not only are we not coming from a place of lack, but we’re taking the hard way and that’s something I’ve done my whole entire life.  

So I’m really excited to share these 5 reasons with you because like I said, I don’t really think most people think of MLM’s and direct sales companies as a way to authentically connect with your audience but I am starting to change my tide completely and you need to know what these reasons are:

1) MLMs create a new stream of income for you. They say that millionaires have 7 streams of income and MLM’s can serve as another stream of income aside from whatever your main business is. This is a perfect opportunity to create an extra stream of income without really having to do too much.  Those are my favorite streams of income by the way! 

2) MLMs provide a quick path to time freedom & passive income. Being part of a direct sales company like Direct Cellars could serve as the quickest way to achieve the time freedom that you’re seeking, and OF COURSE your income goals.  It's really important to stay open and to think about something that you have been asking for consistently for a while that you’re not receiving?  Because chances are you are resisting whatever it is that you’re asking for if you haven’t received it yet.  Remember, what you resist persists, so if you are resisting easy ways to create time freedom & passive income then it will continue to be a struggle to achieve those things. 

3) Being in direct sales can help fund your main biz!  If you’re able to earn income from an MLM opportunity in addition to your main business you can actually use that income to fund your business as you’re growing.  I think that’s such an amazing opportunity because I don’t know about you but as I’ve been building my time management mentoring business, there are times when I get into that desperation mode like oh my gosh I really need to make a sale this month, I need money.  I need to pay my bills. And when you’re in that desperation mode, your potential clients are going to feel that desperate energy from you and that’s going to repel them. 

When you are able to fund your business with a different stream of income like an MLM or direct sales opportunity then you are going to be able to come into your main, passion-based business with a whole new level of passion & service that you haven’t felt before because you’re not as worried about getting the sale. You are more concerned about serving your client and providing solutions for your client.  And that’s such a beautiful thing.  Anything that can allow you to show up more in YOUR power in the business that you are meant to do here on this earth, I mean who could ask for something better, right?  And yeah, that just makes me, that gives me chills just to think about that.

4) Your MLM opportunity could serve as a potential solution for your existing clients. I recently took a call with my sponsor and this chat allowed me to reframe and understand that I could actually provide this very same opportunity as another potential solution to my clients because what am I here to do on this earth?  I’m here to help mompreneurs have the time freedom that they’re seeking so they can balance their business and baby better.  And guess what?  What better way to help provide a solution to gain time freedom than by supporting them in pursuing an MLM or direct sales opportunity?  fast track your prospecting process.  So today I actually was able to get in touch with a couple moms in my company that said that they were struggling with some time management issues and you know what?  That’s’ my ideal market, right?  So, oh my god, I have clients or potential clients in my actual company that I never would have even reached had I not been a part of this opportunity.  

5) Being in an MLM gives you the fast path to prospecting clients for your main biz. The other day I actually was able to get in touch with a couple moms in my direct sales company that said that they were struggling with some time management issues and you know what?  That’s’ my ideal market! That made me realize like, oh my god, I have clients or potential clients in my actual company that I never would have even reached had I not been a part of this opportunity. And you can too! 

So, mama, what are you thinking? Do you feel a bit more connected to MLMs and see how you can weave your authenticity into any opportunity if you re-frame?

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