3 Types of Lists That You MUST HAVE as a WAHM

I don't know about you mama, but when it comes to remembering things if I don't write it down I forget.

But as a busy WAHM (Work at home mom) I don't have time to continuously take out a piece of paper to write things down. That's why I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Evernote

Evernote is a note-taking app that allows you to keep all your lists within close reach (well, as long as you're close to your phone!) and makes it super easy to keep life organized as a mompreneur.

If it wasn't for being able to take quick notes on my Evernote app I am pretty sure I'd never remember everything and my brain would turn to mush! Want some inspo on lists that you NEED to have as a busy WAHM? Look no further:

List #1: Ongoing Shopping List

If you decide to start any list from this post today I highly suggest it be this one mama. I cannot tell you how amazing it is to be able to go to the grocery store each week with a list already set and ready for me to shop. This list works two ways, both as something I can use to simply write items down as we run out of them and as a way for me to keep track of what we need for that specific week. One thing I try to do with this list that is SUPER helpful is to keep the items in the order of the aisles of the grocery store I shop at so this way I never forget anything. Grocery shopping has become a breeze thanks to this list!

List #2: Meal Plan

Having a meal plan list is almost as crucial as having an ongoing shopping list because they are almost synonymous with each other. As I create my meal plan each week I am writing down the ingredients we need for each meal on my shopping list. The benefit of having a meal plan list in my Evernote app is that I always have a template to plan out my meals. Here are a few screenshots of what my meal plan list looks like: 


List #3: Instagram Hashtags

Guys, I cannot tell you how amazingly helpful it has been to have a list of my Instagram hashtags on hand at all times. Not only is it great to have them when I'm on the go and feel like posting a pic on Instagram, but it's also awesome because all I have to do is copy & paste. It literally takes me seconds to post a pic and get the type of engagement I am looking for when posting because I can easily add my hashtags without having to think twice about what they are! Sidenote: a great app to post & schedule Instagram pics from your computer or your phone is Planoly. If you're looking to save time while still being able to gain visibility and engage with your tribe check out my exclusive Content Creation Bundle!

So, mama, what types of lists do you plan on keeping on your Evernote app? Which one(s) do you already keep? Comment below and let me know!