The Dangers of Going Too "Woo" In Your Biz


No, really. How are you? {Feel free to tell me in the comments below what's going on for you}

You know, they're not lying when they say that entrepreneurship is a fricken lifestyle. Because if you're feeling off in your biz, you are most likely also feeling shitty about some other aspect of your life.

At least that's how it has always been for me.

But, lately I have felt on top of the world!

That is in every single aspect but my business....

On any given day, I look around and see how productive I'm able to be as a busy mama and I truly feel like a kickass mom, housewife and partner. Everything flows so smoothly!

EXCEPT my business. (sound familiar at all?)

This was how it felt UNTIL I FUCKING DECIDED.

I decided that I was going to actually do the work and not just dream, and manifest, and try to will my successful business into existence.

I decided that by doing the work didn't mean shit had to be hard, and that doing the work meant only doing things in alignment with my desired vision of success (which might I add is DIFFERENT than anyone else's and I'm proud of that!)

I decided that my business could be run in the very same way I run my household by systemizing the day-to-day tasks that need to get done to keep everything running smoothly (I basically think of it his way -- my cleaning routine allows me to always have a clean house, but I only spend about 45 min to an hour cleaning the house each day. The same can be done in biz!)

Once I made these decisions I was knew some changes had to be made in accordance with what I really wanted for myself AND that's where today's Wednesday Wisdom comes into play! 


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