Hello 30!

Today marks the first day of my birthday month and in 22 days I will officially turn 30. 

So many people have different feelings about turning a new age, especially when it's a landmark birthday, but I have ALL OF THE good feels.

For the last decade I have been through some shit.

Mostly self-inflicted.

But, I don't have any regrets because it all allowed me to begin laying the foundation for the life that I truly desire to be living. One filled with ease, flow, freedom, fun, abundance, and love.

I feel lucky to be at such a young, ripe age and already at the point where I know that only I control my destiny. Of course, there's always going to be re-directions that I can't control (see my last post) but I have enough wisdom now to understand I don't need to let these things cripple me.

You see, we all have the power to decide how we want to live our lives down to the very thoughts we think and emotions we feel each and everyday. We can live our lives choosing to feel shitty and allowing shitty things to "happen to us." Or, we can take ownership of our lives and decide what we want.

Either way we have a choice and I am so thrilled to know this now rather than later. 

So, here's to the next decade of my life and continuing to build upon the beautiful foundation that I've been cultivating for the last few years.

Cheers! <3