Going in a new direction...

Okay guys.

Literally I feel like I am going in a new direction every 6 months (or less), does that resonate with you at all?

The truth is I am just so sick of the bullshit.

We need to STOP telling each other who to be and make our own fucking decisions for once.

There are more ways to be happy in life than to make $10k months and manifesting materialistic things.

And, if you're reading this I know you know what I'm talking about.

In fact, someone recently expressed to me that I must be in "princess" low vibe energy if I am choosing to prefer to be provided for by my boyfriend vs. trying to create my own empire.

That statement made me really think (and get triggered in the process).

Look, I get it. We've gotten to a point in society where being a stay at home mom is often looked down upon because if you're a stay at home mom there is no way you are doing anything but sitting on the couch eating bon bons all day and milking off your husband. 

But I know in my case that description couldn't be further from the truth.

Not only am I hardly sitting on the couch but I am keeping our house in tip top shape, creating & making meals that will serve my family and ensuring that my toddler son is learning and growing everyday.

But I am not here to be a martyr or to tell you how difficult my life is.

In fact, the only reason it would ever feel hard is because I make it out to be that way.

I make life much harder on myself by striving for goals that my soul doesn't even really want to accomplish, but rather goals that I've somehow internalized as what I should want to accomplish.

Yes, when I was a teenager I had big dreams for my life. I wanted to do things big. Live in a big house. Have a big car. Expensive this and big that. But honestly those things mean nothing to me at this point. 

There isn't one thing I want that would replace the feelings I'd rather have by being simply fulfilled in the role I serve as a mother and housewife.

See here's the difference...

I am choosing.

I am choosing what I want my vision to be.

I am choosing to be the best version of myself and serve the world through being an amazing mother and housewife. Who said that in order to make my mark on the world I had to be in the spotlight?

I am choosing the easy way for once because I've been causing self-inflicted struggle on myself for way too long and the Universe/my higher self/my queen self (whatever the fuck you want to call it) is calling on me to relish in the very moments, things and people I have in my life right now without the worries of having to serve ALL THE PEOPLE.

So, from now on. I am going to be serving my family first & foremost (because that's my truest desire) and THEN sharing on the things that light me up to share about.

I can't exactly explain what those things are right now. But it's probably going to be a bit different than the tone I've had in a while. More raw. More authentic. More me.

I hope you join me on this journey. And, if not, I bid you a farewell and share my immense gratitude for you sharing this path with me up until this point.


Why Hustling Your Face Off Will Set You Up For Failure

hustling your face off.png

Today, I want to talk about why going all in with your goals this month is going to set you up for failure for the rest of the year.  If you've sensed a theme at all this (see my last post on creating an anti new year's resolution!) I am basically trying to talk about the exact opposite of what most people are telling you to do this month. 

If you don’t know me yet, I will tell you that I’m all about inspired ease and creating ease in your business.


That’s just not my idea of my dream biz.  And, if that resonates with you let me know in the comments! 

So I want to give you an idea of what might happen if you decide to go all in with your goals in the beginning of the year.

Let's say you ended 2017 feeling like you’re half-assing your business, and you feel like "oh my gosh 2018 is going to be THE year that everything goes great for me."  That’s great energy to have, but putting all of that energy into your goals in the start of the year won't leave much in the tank for the remainder of the year I can assure you. 

Hustling and just trying so hard to make everything work right off the bat is not a sustainable energy.  And starting off with this unsustainable energy will likely cause burn out, which may lead to failure. (Trust me, I only know from experience!)

 What I’m offering as a solution is to pace yourself this month, and the months thereafter, love.  Hustling is not the only way to be successful. You can go at whatever pace feels good to you because everything that you desire in your life and business is going to come into your reality as long as you don't stop & you continue believing in yourself. 

Here's another way to think about it...

Imagine you are taking a walk at the park.

You parked your car at Point B let's say, and you begin walking.

No matter if you walk slow, or you walk fast you will reach Point B.


The same goes for going after your goals.

The pace at which you use to achieve them doesn't matter. The only things that matter are the belief in yourself and the consistency of your inspired actions. Literally, that's it.

So, if going at a slower pace feels better to you, DO THAT, because you have to do what feels good in business in order to come at it with the level of passion, creativity and inspiration it deserves


Go at the pace that feels good to you and only that pace.  

Don’t compare yourself to other people.

Think of this journey more as a marathon rather than a sprint. 

Because at the end of the day I believe we both want life-sustaining businesses that we can do for the rest of our days. Am I right?

My two cents is that you might not get there if you're hustling day after day!

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The Anti New Year's Resolution: How to Create a Yearly Theme

yearly theme (1).png

If you don't already know what 2017 was like for me read this post here.  

I know that what I dealt with last year was similar to what a lot of you dealt with so I can’t say that 2017 was a bad year, per se, but it was definitely a transformative year for me.  

It was the 2nd year of the 2-year transformation that I’ve been going through ever since having my son in 2016, but 2017 was very interesting for me because it was the first time that I kind of, you know, dropped that whole victimhood persona and really just stopped trying to please everybody else. 

I can’t say that that was an easy process to go through, but It was definitely a year where I truly began shedding all the stupid layers of myself that I had put there to protect myself for whatever reason.  But as we all know, the things that were maybe once used as defense mechanism are sometimes not needed now at this time in our lives.  Once we realize we are holding onto things that no longer serve us it's time to just let them go & slowly work back to who we are at the core. That is the kind of the journey that I’ve been on and I made a lot of headway last year.  

Since starting on this journey back to who I truly am I have decided to create themes for my year rather than hustling my face off trying to achieve some bullshit new year's resolution that I'll only keep for a few days.

My yearly theme for 2018 is Inspired Ease.  This means making my life and business as easy as fuck this year while also doing things that inspire me.  I desire to live each day just following my intuition & my inspiration, but also making things easy FOR myself. I think about it in the way of creating systems, creating & following time pockets and allowing myself to be guided to solutions that will help me make life easier.

This theme resonates with me to the core because it is feeling-based and demonstrates everything that I desire for my life right now. That’s why creating a theme for your year is way better than create a new year’s resolution because it’s based on your heart's true desires.  And when you create something based on your feelings you’re more likely to make decisions in accordance to that theme than try to achieve some cliche new year's goal. 

Think about it this way...

Let's say your new year’s resolution is to lose weight.  First of all, that statement alone isn't really definitive of the daily habits that must be put forth to actually achieve that goal. Simply proclaiming what you want sometimes isn’t enough.   Plus, simply stating to the world that you want to lose weight is not reason enough to actually feel motivated to do it.

Where as a yearly theme is based on such deep, core feelings that it makes it quite easy to stay aligned with each and every day.

So, if your original resolution was to lose weight; you could turn it into the yearly theme of "nourishing" or "feeling healthy." Those two themes are likely to guide you to the results that you're ultimately seeking, and aren't based on some superficial resolution. Make sense?

If you've created resolutions for this year and you find you're not even close to staying consistent with it; just scrap them. Say fuck it and throw them away.

I want you instead to think about how you want to feel this year (P.S. this is not a new idea. I initially learned about it from Danielle LaPorte's book Desire Map).  Try to tune out all the BS that is telling you "oh but you should feel this way." 

Try to tune out all the 'shoulds'. Because whenever you start thinking in 'shoulds' it means that you’re not really thinking from your heart.

So my love,  how do you want to feel each day this year?  Break that feeling down into one or two words and that will be your theme for the entire year.  And, every time that you’re faced with a decision that feels like it might be a difficult decision to make I want you to go back to that theme. This theme will guide you in making those tough decisions because you’ll quickly know if that decision is in alignment with how you truly desire to feel within.

If you need any help with this let me know in the comments below, and also let me know your theme word(s) if you know them!

Sidenote: In alignment with MY yearly theme of inspired ease I have decided to make content creation easy AF not just for me but for YOU too! 

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Goodbye 2017. Thank you for being there.

I sit here with tears streaming down my face.

Tears of happiness mixed with those of sadness. 

I try so hard not to look back at this year and make myself out to be a victim, but all I keep thinking as I scroll through pic after pic on my phone of me smiling trying to make the best of everything is wonder how the fuck I got to where I am in this very moment.

And then, I remember.

All the moments this year when life felt like an uphill battle.

All the times when I had negative balances in my bank account.

All the moments when I received notices from credit card companies for not paying.

The times when I could barely drag myself out of bed wondering how I let things get so bad.

The days when I was out with the family and all I could think about was how the fuck am I ever going to make money doing what I love.


I kept going during all those times.

Even when I didn't understand how it was ever going to work.

Even when I felt like this is all for nothing.

Even when I had zero clarity in the direction to go in but decided to show up anyways because I knew that by continuing to put action out there into the Universe even if it wasn't clear action that I would eventually, EVENTUALLY see some sort of progress.

And now, as we begin to wind down the year that is 2017 I see a shining light.

I see the beginning of some of the most abundant times I have ever experienced in my life.

I see love and joy and happiness and all there is to feel grateful for.

Some of those things have dollar signs attached to them; while others having beating hearts.

Some of those things include a new-found appreciation and acceptance for who I am RIGHT NOW. While some of those things include the new-found knowledge that I can create ANYTHING I desire and make it a reality in my life. And I mean ANYTHING.

So, even though the past year has been one of struggle and pain and working through intense emotions and feelings that I didn't even know existed. It is also a year that has transformed me into the woman I've always dreamed of being.

One that can be herself and know she is loved. One that can believe and trust in herself even if nobody on the outside understands what she's doing. One that deserves all the greatness in life for all the greatness she desires to give to the world.

That's the woman that I've always imagined in my mind. And, that my friends, is the woman I now am thanks to the year 2017 <3

One Thing You Can Do RIGHT NOW to Feel Less Overwhelmed In Your Biz

Copy of pinterest image.png

Look, I know the feeling.

Your mind feels like it's been through the blender. Like it's one big mumble jumble of things to do.

You used to pride yourself on having a great memory and being able to remember everything that needed to get done right there in your very intelligent mind.

BUT not anymore for whatever reason.

Maybe you have mommy brain (like I do!), maybe you aren't eating enough brain-healthy foods, who the fuck knows.

The reasoning doesn't matter though.

What does matter is finding a way to manage remembering ALL THE THINGS that need to get done in an easy & effective way.

So I'm going to cut to the chase because time is precious.

If ever you feel confused AF because you're trying to remember what needs to get done I want you to take out a piece of paper or pull up a blank note on your notes app and brain dump the shit out of your mind.

Seriously, just write it down.

Getting into this practice will not only free your mind up for more important things like inspiration and creativity, but you'll FEEL a thousand times better.

Brownie points if you can begin to consistently do a brain dump each morning of the tasks you'd like to get done each day.

I can't stress enough to you how amazing you'll feel and how much more productive you will be once you have things out of your mind and onto paper (or phone!)

P.S. If you are finding it difficult to manage it all even after brain dumping then let's have a chat my love. BOOK YOUR COMPLIMENTARY CHAT SESSION to discuss how we can work together to make your biz easy AF, so you can finally enjoy what you do!