How I Create High Vibe Mondays as a Soulpreneur <3

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What if I told you that you can make Mondays feel easy & fun? Would that trigger the sh*t out of you? 

I know it would've made me wonder how the eff it was possible when I was chained to my desk more than 2 years ago at my corporate job.

Since then I have been experimenting like crazy trying to figure out how to create a life & biz of ease, flow, freedom and fun and while having a baby and moving cross-country twice put a kink in my plans these things most definitely didn't stop me from pursuing my ideal lifestyle.

Truth is I have always desired Mondays to feel luxurious and easy, while still feeling productive. I never wanted to jump start my week feeling like I had to get so much stuff done because I felt that was the equivalent of sprinting into the week and life is a marathon not a sprint, am I right? 

See, time is what you make of it and with just the right amount of structure you can create the illusion of having more than enough time & space to do what it is that you need AND want to do, while fostering feelings of ease, flow, freedom and fun. I only know this because like I said I have been a master experimenter for the last 2 1/2 years!

So, how did I create such high vibe Mondays as a work at home mom?

1) I decided how I wanted to feel. Have you ever heard of The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte? If not, add it to your Amazon shopping cart like meow! (Here's a direct link so you don't forget:

I was introduced to this book 4 years ago and OMG it was a godsend. Danielle is a life-changing thought leader who discusses the idea of basing your entire life around how you truly desire to feel. And, ever since reading that book I have been on a mission to encourage myself to do just that. I can't say it's always the easiest thing to do, but when you decide and you become intentional with only putting out action in accordance with how you desire to feel then life changes drastically for the better. Trust me!


2) I created routines based on how I wanted to feel. So as I mentioned before some things I strive to feel are ease, flow, freedom and fun in my daily life and I am on a mission to support you in fostering those feelings for yourself as well. One of the ways I have been able to begin cultivating these feelings in my life is by creating routines based around those feelings. For example, being that I have always wanted Mondays to be easy I developed time blocks that were in accordance with the things I wanted to get done to set me up for success for the rest of the week. Some of those things being: getting the weekly grocery shopping done, getting laundry done and setting time aside to do some life-admin tasks like scheduling doc appointments, etc. 

Take stock of what sort of things you need to do to foster the feelings you want to feel on Mondays. Start with just one day so you don't feel too overwhelmed by this process.


3) Stay consistent with the soul-based routine. I know, I know. You probably hate the word consistency. It's a pretty scary word because it involves being committed (oops another scary word!) Trust me, I used to be one of the biggest commitment-phobes like ever. Underneath it all I probably am still. I like to run away from what's good for me in an effort to constantly self-sabotage. Why? Who knows. But, what I can tell you is that committing to and staying consistent with your soul-based routine is what will ensure that your Mondays stay high vibe week after week. I mean really though, don't you want to feel good?

P.S. It is A LOT easier to remain consistent with your soul-based routine than it is just a plain old rigid routine (puke!)

That's it. That is all you have to do to create high vibe Mondays my love.

And, if you decide that you want to create high vibe Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and every other days of the week, but are stuck on doing so then I'd love to chat to see how we can co-create a soul-based schedule that works FOR your life. SCHEDULE YOUR COMPLIMENTARY CHAT SESSION HERE!

5 Time Wasters That Are Stopping You from Balancing Baby & Biz

Hey Guys! I hope you all are doing great today.

I felt inspired to share some information, some tidbits, on some things that might be wasting your time that you aren’t even realizing ARE wasting your time. I see it so much lately and I think that’s why I felt called to share it today. And, although I’m here to talk about how to manage your time effectively, I do think that time and money are kind of synonymous with this topic. If you are wasting time, you’re most likely not making the money that you want to be making in your business and you’re also potentially wasting money because you’re not using your time effectively.

So, I’m going to share with you something that ties in with the five time wasters I’m going to tell you about and it’s something I’ve talked about so many times before. You must know what your core values are before even moving forward with the rest of your day today. It is such a waste of time to not know what you value and where you value spending your time. We don’t know where we’re valuing our time or where we “should be spending our time” – and when I say should, I mean in accordance to our own values – then we’re most likely doing things that are wasting time. I see so many mamas, especially in the online business world kind of – I envision it like spaghetti throwing. Like throwing spaghetti at the wall trying to see what sticks. They’re just putting out action, putting out action, and I can tell that it’s not – whatever action they’re doing is not – in alignment with their core values. And it’s such a waste of time to constantly be looking outside of ourselves at what everybody else is doing, especially in the business world, because sometimes what other people are doing is not what we should be doing.

I’ll use me as an example. For me, something I don’t really have time for or something I don’t really want to do in my business right now is spend a lot of time on calls. I noticed that when I was doing them, when I was stacking my calls (like my discovery calls) back to back, I felt like I didn’t have time to work on the things that I actually want to be working on, that light me up in my business. Like creating products, creating ecourses, writing out my newsletter, and connecting with my audience. That’s where my passion lies is connecting, but I didn’t feel like I was getting the connection I wanted from the discovery calls. It just wasn’t a time effective thing for me. You really have to first figure out what’s important to you and then learn how to make decisions in alignment with what’s important to you.

I think core values are the foundation of everything; the foundation of your business, the foundation of your life. And once you know your core values, the five time wasters I’m going to talk you through most likely won’t be an issue.

!) Endless scrolling on social media. I’m sure we all can admit to this. There’s nothing wrong with checking out what your friends are doing or what other business owners are doing on Facebook. But, you don’t want it to allow your day to go away. It can be such a time suck if you allow it to be. I think the real issue lies in when that’s all you’re doing and you may be posting on groups, you may be doing things here and there, but it’s inconsistent. In order to be intentional, you have to know what your core values are because when you know what your core values are, you can then do things in alignment with them. Something that I did was planning and scheduling my posts in the beginning of the week. It takes a little bit of willpower, I’ll admit, but once you know what your core values are, you can be much more intentional about how you’re using social media in your business and how you’re using it in your personal life as well.

2) Not knowing when or exactly what to outsource. This is my favorite one. I don’t know if you guys know this, but I am/was a VA. I started as a virtual assistant 2 years ago and it’s been a really interesting journey because I can kind of see the other side of being an entrepreneur, if that makes sense. I always kind of felt like oh my gosh like nobody actually knows what they need outsourced when they come to me. Once you can come at your business with a place of intention and knowing what you – YOU – need help with, it becomes a lot easier to outsource the exact things you need to outsource. And I think before you even consider hiring someone, you really should know exactly what you need help with because you’re just going to waste your time and your money if you don’t.

3) Not knowing exactly who your ideal client is. I talked a little bit about this in my naptime nugget coffee chat two weeks ago with Nannette Minley – she’s amazing guys. I highly recommend her. I had a session with her and oh my gosh, guys! Mind blown! She kind of reaffirmed some things for me already that I knew about my ideal client, but once I had a session with her I was really able to clarify exactly who I want to talk to. And when you know exactly who you’re talking to, you’re saving so much time because you’re not creating content that is not geared toward that person. If you do create content that’s not toward your ideal client, then, again, you’re wasting time. I look at my life sometimes and I’m like how the hell am I getting all this shit done? Like really, really guys. And it’s because I shave off all the excess nonsense; get rid of it completely. I don’t even make time for anything that isn’t worthy to me. , That’s my real secret.

4) Not knowing where or how to maximize your time. That’s kind of just what I was talking about. There’s always time in your day to create a time pocket. In the beginning, when I first became a mom, I was on such survival mode that I didn’t even take the time to think about what was important to me. But, it is so important to realize what’s important to you because if you aren’t valuing yourself, what kind of example are you serving for your kids? Honestly? And, being in survival mode, it may be hard to feel like you have ten minutes here, ten minutes there to get anything done for yourself. But, it all comes down to – I almost see it like a wrecking ball hitting your ego. It’s your ego that stops you from taking that ten minutes to read a book. And it’s your ego that stops you from taking ten minutes to make a good meal for yourself. That’s something that I’ve been thinking a lot about because it definitely comes back to self-worth. And whatever mom you are, that’s totally fine, as long as that’s who you want to be inside! That’s what it’s really about. You have a choice.

5) Not saying no when things are not in alignment. When you’re not saying no, you’re just saying yes to something that isn’t worth your time basically. And I’ve done this so many times. , I’m just now coming into my power and feeling comfortable with saying no. But it feels good. It feels good when I say no. And I’ve said no recently, too. I knew that if that opportunity was in alignment that things would’ve worked out where I didn’t feel like, oh my gosh, I’m stretching my boundaries, I’m stretching my values. You want to know exactly where you want to be spending your time because you’ll know right off the bat when someone asks you something, if that is in alignment with where you want to be spending your time. And if it’s not, we can kind of infuse our feminine energy into it and come back with a thoughtful, nice response stating why we feel like we don’t want to do something right now. And you don’t even need to state a reason, but I know that helps us sometimes in saying no and not feeling like a complete a-hole.

I hope this was super helpful. I’ve really enjoyed talking about these things. if you have any questions, I am totally around and you can post them in the comments. I’ll be back to answer them.

And, if you want to learn my EXACT 4 STRATEGIES to maximize time like a mom boss then enroll in my FREE Masterclass HERE!

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Write Off MLMs So Fast

I want to come clean and tell you about my newest business venture plus share some reasons why I think that direct sales & MLMs are actually something that you should seriously consider (especially if you are already building a business as a mompreneur).

These ideas are all coming out of a place of feeling like oh em gee, what did I get myself into with signing up with a direct sales company.  It’s so not in alignment with me. It’s not in alignment with my spiritual self or the clients that I am trying to service with my work.  Nothing about it felt in alignment!

First though let me tell you that I am now involved with an amazing direct sales company called Direct Cellars.  Basically, we sell wine.  It’s pretty awesome and I love it because God knows at the end of the week of chasing a toddler around the house I need a couple glasses (and I'm guessing you might too mama??)

Anyways, I’m really here today to connect with YOU, my audience, my true audience, and tell you 5 reasons why I think that it's ok to consider joining a direct sales company or an MLM because I think sometimes for us spiritual entrepreneurs and us mompreneurs, get a little put off by MLM's because they have a reputation for being pushy and salesy and literally, but I want to share my story and how I came up with these 5 reasons...

My boyfriend signed us up for Direct Cellars, and he really believes in this opportunity, and he’s believed in it for a long time.  And it’s not that I didn’t believe in it, I just wasn’t quite there, I just didn’t see the connection, it didn’t make sense to me.  I’m like why would I do this when I’m trying to build my time management mentoring business for mompreneurs.  That’s where my heart is, you know?  That’s where my passion is.  That’s where I can serve and come from a place of service and feel really really good about the solutions that I’m providing for mompreneurs, and I just didn’t see how this opportunity aligned with all of that.

But in doing some soul-searching and doing a little bit of reframing I was able to see things differently. I believe greatly in the universe’s power and I am currently reading Gabby Bernstein’s book “The Universe Has Your Back” She opened my eyes because she made me realize a lot of the times what we’re asking for is going to come into our lives packaged as something completely different and when we close our self off from that opportunity not only are we not coming from a place of lack, but we’re taking the hard way and that’s something I’ve done my whole entire life.  

So I’m really excited to share these 5 reasons with you because like I said, I don’t really think most people think of MLM’s and direct sales companies as a way to authentically connect with your audience but I am starting to change my tide completely and you need to know what these reasons are:

1) MLMs create a new stream of income for you. They say that millionaires have 7 streams of income and MLM’s can serve as another stream of income aside from whatever your main business is. This is a perfect opportunity to create an extra stream of income without really having to do too much.  Those are my favorite streams of income by the way! 

2) MLMs provide a quick path to time freedom & passive income. Being part of a direct sales company like Direct Cellars could serve as the quickest way to achieve the time freedom that you’re seeking, and OF COURSE your income goals.  It's really important to stay open and to think about something that you have been asking for consistently for a while that you’re not receiving?  Because chances are you are resisting whatever it is that you’re asking for if you haven’t received it yet.  Remember, what you resist persists, so if you are resisting easy ways to create time freedom & passive income then it will continue to be a struggle to achieve those things. 

3) Being in direct sales can help fund your main biz!  If you’re able to earn income from an MLM opportunity in addition to your main business you can actually use that income to fund your business as you’re growing.  I think that’s such an amazing opportunity because I don’t know about you but as I’ve been building my time management mentoring business, there are times when I get into that desperation mode like oh my gosh I really need to make a sale this month, I need money.  I need to pay my bills. And when you’re in that desperation mode, your potential clients are going to feel that desperate energy from you and that’s going to repel them. 

When you are able to fund your business with a different stream of income like an MLM or direct sales opportunity then you are going to be able to come into your main, passion-based business with a whole new level of passion & service that you haven’t felt before because you’re not as worried about getting the sale. You are more concerned about serving your client and providing solutions for your client.  And that’s such a beautiful thing.  Anything that can allow you to show up more in YOUR power in the business that you are meant to do here on this earth, I mean who could ask for something better, right?  And yeah, that just makes me, that gives me chills just to think about that.

4) Your MLM opportunity could serve as a potential solution for your existing clients. I recently took a call with my sponsor and this chat allowed me to reframe and understand that I could actually provide this very same opportunity as another potential solution to my clients because what am I here to do on this earth?  I’m here to help mompreneurs have the time freedom that they’re seeking so they can balance their business and baby better.  And guess what?  What better way to help provide a solution to gain time freedom than by supporting them in pursuing an MLM or direct sales opportunity?  fast track your prospecting process.  So today I actually was able to get in touch with a couple moms in my company that said that they were struggling with some time management issues and you know what?  That’s’ my ideal market, right?  So, oh my god, I have clients or potential clients in my actual company that I never would have even reached had I not been a part of this opportunity.  

5) Being in an MLM gives you the fast path to prospecting clients for your main biz. The other day I actually was able to get in touch with a couple moms in my direct sales company that said that they were struggling with some time management issues and you know what?  That’s’ my ideal market! That made me realize like, oh my god, I have clients or potential clients in my actual company that I never would have even reached had I not been a part of this opportunity. And you can too! 

So, mama, what are you thinking? Do you feel a bit more connected to MLMs and see how you can weave your authenticity into any opportunity if you re-frame?

I have a FREE training on how to build a business that creates time freedom in 3 simple steps.  It will provide you insight into the EXACT STRATEGIES I've used that can help you create some passive income streams, so you don’t have to feel so reliant on your main passion-based business. And so you can infuse your main biz with a level of passion and service you've never felt before. GRAB YOUR SEAT HERE!

And, if you are interested in learning more about Direct Cellars and how you can receive FREE wine then head over to :)

5 Mommy Hacks You Need to Know About NOW!

Being a mom can be difficult. Especially if you don't have the right tools to do the job. 

On the last Monday of every month I will be sharing my top mommy hacks to save you the time & hassle of having to search and find your own. I'm here to make your life easier mama ;)

This month I'm loving...

1) Summer Infant Deluxe Baby Bather - My little Patrick may not be quite little anymore, but this bather has worked so well for us ever since he outgrew his infant tub this baby bather has been our saving grace. They do say not to put babies that are able to sit up in this seat, but Patrick just loves to lay back, play with his toys and enjoy bath time. It works perfectly for us and I don't have to struggle to hold him up in the tub while bathing him!

2) Gerber Organic Fruit & Veggie Pouches - Baby P and I are always on the go and that means that he has to sometimes eat when we're out. These Gerber Organic Fruit & Veggie Pouches come in handy because I can simply throw them in the diaper bag with a spoon and go. Super easy, and I know he's getting the nutrition he needs.

3) Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion - Who can resist a baby's soft skin? Not this mommy! After every bath I make sure to lather Patrick up with Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion. It's what I have been using since he was an infant and he loves getting what I call "baby massage." This lotion keeps his skin baby smooth and I love it!

4) My 7-Minute Makeup Routine - Have you ever wondered how you'll ever wear makeup again when your baby is screaming for your attention at every turn? I totally get it. That's why I created a quick & easy 7-minute makeup routine! You can re-create it using any products you want, but check it out for inspiration here:

5) Monthly Mommy Juice Subscription (aka Wine) - Let's face it after a LONG day of chasing around a toddler there's nothing I want more than a nice glass (or five) of wine. Luckily, I am a part of an amazing monthly wine subscription club that delivers world-class wine directly to my doorstep. See guys, miracles do happen. It's like Christmas every month!

Do you have a favorite mommy hack? Share it below with me and maybe see it featured in a future monthly mommy hack post!

Looking for more mommy tips & tricks (especially if you're a mompreneur?) check out my FREE tools page here (no opt-in required!)

How to "Adult" When Your Toddler Is Cranky AF

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I am here today to chat about something that was very real for me recently. I want to pull back the curtain and let you into my life because I like you to know that I am a normal mama just like you. 

Which brings me to...

The Wonder Weeks.

It's basically a book that I found out about a couple weeks after Patrick was born and it talks about the certain growth spurts that babies go through. It also tells you what type of behavior to expect during each Wonder Week or growth spurt and it’s a super helpful resource! Especially if you notice your baby is all of a sudden acting extremely cranky and maybe that’s not their normal behavior.  This way you can at least justify why your baby is acting the way that they are.  

Anyways, a few weekends ago we were at my boyfriend’s aunt’s house and my normally well-behaved 16 month old baby Patrick decided to go ape-shit. I don’t know if the new environment triggered him, I’m not really sure, but all of a sudden it seemed like he had reverted back to this cranky, little newborn baby that I didn’t know how to take care of.  In addition to that,  he runs all over the place, and, so, being in a new house that he wasn’t used to; chasing around this little toddler boy was super exhausting and I just started having feelings of my post-partum anxiety coming up again.

It frustrated me I kept feeling like, "I thought we were through this."  I just felt kinda defeated. I was exhausted, I was anxious, confused, just feeling so unlike my normal self, and I just got really frustrated.  I’m like oh here we are again. Patrick all of a sudden turned into this aggressive, stubborn baby who just wouldn’t take no for an answer. And then it hit me...

I wasn't taking care of myself.

When I realized that I was like well no shit Sherlock, no wonder why you’re feeling so bad, because you’re not even doing anything to take care of yourself.  Full transparency, I didn’t shower for like a day and a half.  I didn’t have any alone time.  Basically everything that I’m used to doing was not happening so no wonder I felt so horrible, right?  

It was a great reminder that I have to take care of myself because if I don't EVERYTHING goes to shit.

Here were the 3 things I decided to do...

1) Go on a 2 mile walk to Starbucks with the baby. I was able to get my Starbucks, which you guys know I love.  It calmed the baby down a little bit and I was in heaven just having that peace for a while.

2) I put the baby down and took a shower.  Do you know how amazing a shower feels after going without one for a day and a half? Oh wait, you are a mom so yes you do!

3) I sat in silence while the baby took a nap.  

Literally just these three things made me feel like a million bucks and they weren’t things that took a lot of time or money or investment or anything like that.  

And that’s the message I want to relay to you mama, sometimes giving ourselves the care we need doesn’t have to be this long drawn-out process.  Sometimes it’s as simple as coming up with three self-care non-negotiables.  I find it super important to have three self-care non-negotiables that you can perform almost every single day that will allow you to feel like your best self.  And like I said they don’t have to be difficult, complicated things.  

For me, it’s taking a shower, going on my Starbucks run and having some peace & quiet time. Those are three things that really just support me in being my best self every single day and things that I started as early as Patrick being one week old.  

I want you to really consider what your three self-care non-negotiables can be and if you are feeling brave and called to do so, I’d love for you to post in the comments below and let me know what those are.  I know how it feels to have anxiety, and confusion, and kinda just feel like your mind is like scrambled eggs.  

I truly want to help support you in feeling your best every day, mama.  BECAUSE LIFE DOES NOT END WITH MOTHERHOOD.

And mama, if you ever feel guilty for putting time aside to take care of yourself then you may want to check out my FREE masterclass on kissing mommy guilt goodbye for good where I will teach you the same 5-step process that helped me overcome that nasty guilt! GRAB YOUR SEAT HERE.